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  Seven Chakras  

Seven Chakras
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The Seven Chakra System



Crown / Sahasrar Chakra

  • Location:                  The entire top of the head

  • Color:                         Violet (Gold)

  • Element:                    Cosmic Energy

  • Sense:                       Seventh sense

  • Function:                  Connects us with our spiritual self


  • Balanced energy: Miracle worker, can transcend the laws of nature, total access to the unconscious and the subconscious.

  • Excessive energy: Constant sense of frustration, unrealized power, psychotic, depressed, manic-depressive, migraine headaches, destructive, sexual expression, sometimes passionate, sometimes distant.

  • Deficient energy: No spark of joy, catatonic, can't make decisions

Illness & affected systems:   


  • Endocrine system : Pituitary, Pineal gland, nervous system, brain,  cerebral cortex, Old mammalian brain, Greater right-hemisphere correlation, right eye.

  • Physical organs : Upper brain, Right eye.

  • Psychic abilities : To be open, To know, Intuition , Precognition, Connection with infinite intelligence, To have faith, Connection with God.

  •  Psychological Illness: Excessive gullibility, Memory disorders, Multiple personalities, Nightmares, Split personality, Stress, worry, hysteria, depression.

  •  Physical Illness: Right-left brain balance, Headache, Baldness, Brain tumors ,Cancer , Epilepsy , Migraine headaches, Parkinson's disease, Pituitary problems.

Gems/Minerals: Amethyst, diamond, purple fluorite, quartz crystal.

To balance this chakra:        Meditation, guided visualization, peaceful and quiet surroundings helps.

Third Eye / Ajana Chakra

  • Location:                  At the base of the skull, at the medulla oblongata. It's location at the front of the head is between the eyebrows at the third eye.

  • Color:                        Indigo, a combination of blue and red.

  • Tone:                         OM

  • Element:                   Electrical or telepathic energy.

  • Sense:                       Thought

  • Function:                  Intuitive center, seat of will and clairvoyance.

The third eye is the center of psychic powers and higher intuition, you can receive guidance, channeling, and tune into your higher self. This is the center that enables you to experience telepathy, astral travel and past lives.

  • Deficient energy: Non assertive, undisciplined, oversensitive to the feelings of others, afraid of success, schizophrenic (unable to distinguish between Ego self and Higher self).

  • Excessive energy: Egomaniac, proud, manipulative, religiously dogmatic, authoritarian.

  • Balanced energy: Charismatic, can receive guidance, not attached to material things, no fear of death, master of yourself, sexual energy-you no longer need another person to complete yourself.

Illness & affected systems:

  •  Endocrine system : Pituitary gland, Neo-mammalian brain, Greater left-brain hemisphere correlation.

  • Psychic abilities : Clairvoyance, Psychic reading, To have vision or insight, Photographic memory, Telekinesis.

  • Psychological Illness: Extreme confusion, Fixations, Inability to focus, Intelligence deficiencies, Living in a fantasy world, Paranoia, Poor visual memory, Psychotic behavior, Schizophrenia, Severe retardation, Confusion, mental Illness, lack of clarity, psychic exhaustion.

  • Physical organs : Autonomic nervous system, hypothalamus, Pineal, pituitary, brain, eyes, ears, nose.

  • Physical Illness: Brain tumors, Cancer, Central nervous system problems, Eye and visual problems, bad eyesight, Headaches (sinus), Sinus problems.

Gems/Minerals: Lapis lazuli azurite, soda-lite, quartz crystal, sapphire.

To balance and to awaken this chakra: Meditate, lay down with a crystal or a small pyramid on your forehead, visualize a indigo blue flame.

Throat / Visuddhi Chakra

  • Location:                  Bottom of the neck.

  • Color:                        Light blue, turquoise.

  • Sense:                       Hearing

  • Element:                   Ether

  • Function:                  Communication, self-expression, clairaudience. Speech, sound, vibration, creativity, telepathy, inspiration

This is the center for communication, when this center is open, you will have a powerful desire to talk about what you're experiencing. When you do this ,some of your old friends will fall away, but your true friends will always be there for you,  so let go of the ones who are uncomfortable with the new person you are becoming. You'll find that there are many new and wonderful friends who will be magnetically drawn to you as your own energy changes.

  • Balanced energy: Contented, centered, can live in the present, sense of timing, good speaker, artistic, can meditate and experience Divine Energy. Sexual energy, can seek bliss through meditation.

  • Excessive energy: Arrogant, self-righteous, talk too much, dogmatic, addictive, sexual energy-macho, prefers partners who can be dominated.

  • Deficient energy: Scared, timid, hold back, quiet, inconsistent, unreliable, weak, devious, manipulative, can't express your thoughts, sexual energy-can't relax, feel conflict with your religious upbringing, may be afraid of sex.

Illness & affected systems:

  • Endocrine system: Thyroid.

  • Psychic abilities: Communication center, Telepathy, Clairaudience, Inner voice, Tone healing.

  • Psychological Illness: Inability to express self in words, Logorrhea (nonstop verbal charter), Poor auditory memory, Stuttering, Communication and / or speech problems. Knowledge used unwisely, ignorance, lack of discernment.

  • Physical organs: Throat, lungs, Thyroid, Para thyroids, Lymphatic system, Brain stem.

  • Physical Illness: Ear and hearing problems, Cancer, Lymphatic problems, Mouth problems, Neck and shoulder problems, Parathyroid problems, Speech problems, Teeth problems, Thyroid problems, Throat problems, thyroid and immunity  system problems.

Gems/Minerals:        Turquoise, blue topaz, aquamarine.

To balance this chakra:      Sing, chant, hum. Listen to music that you really like. Take a walk and look at the beautiful blue sky and breathe consciously.

Anahat / Heart Chakra

  • Location:                         Center of the chest.

  • Color:                              Green or pink.

  • Element:                         Air

  • Sense:                            Touch

  • Endocrine system:       Thymus

  • Function:                        Love, compassion

The heart chakra is the center of compassion, when the heart is open ,you transcend the limits of your people, plants, animals, all of life. This is the humanitarian center, you care about social causes. like saving the whales and the planet earth.

  • Balanced energy: Compassionate, empathetic, humanitarian, see the good in everyone, desire to nurture others, friendly, outgoing, in touch with feelings, sexual energy-can surrender and merge in a love relationship, can wait for the right partner.

  • Excessive energy: Demanding, overly critical, possessive, moody, melodramatic, manic-depressive,  use money or sex to control people. Martyr, a master of conditional love "I love you if" withhold love to get the desired behavior:  "You wouldn't do that if you really loved me."

  •  Deficient energy: Paranoid, feel sorry for yourself, indecisive, afraid of letting go and become free.  Sexual energy -feel unworthy love, can't reach out, terrified of rejection, need constant reassurance.

    Illness & affected systems:

  • Psychic abilities: To be in affinity with, To be at one with, To connect with, Compassion, Unconditional love.

  • Psychic Illness & affected systems: At war with yourself, Feelings of alienation, Inability to bond with another, Self-destructive tendencies, Suicide, anger, paranoia.

  • Physical organs: Heart, lungs, liver, circulatory system, thymus gland, vascular system, lymph glands, respiratory system.

  • Physical Illness: Auto-immune system problems, Circulatory problems, Heart problems, High blood pressure, Lung cancer, Lung problems, Respiratory problems, Thymus problems, Upper back problems, Vascular problems, Heart pain, heart attack, high blood pressure, negativity, fatigue, difficulty breathing, tension, insomnia, cancer.

Gems/Minerals:      Emerald, green and pink tourmaline, malachite, green jade, rose quartz.

To balance this chakra:   Give freely your service to others, watch tender movies, listen to romantic soft music, play with cute kittens or puppies. Sit for a while with a baby in your arms, give someone a hug. Give someone a reiki treatment. Most important is, love and forgive yourself.

Solar Plexus / Manipur Chakra

  • Location:             Below the breast

  • Color:                  Yellow

  • Element:             Fire

  • Sense:                 Sight

  • Function:            Power and wisdom center,

Center of personal power:

When the solar plexus is open ,you have found your unique gift, the work that gives you pleasure and makes you feel fulfilled. One way to find your gift is to consider what you most enjoyed doing when you were a child, this will give you clues about your natural inclinations. In marital arts the third chakra is considered the center of Chi, the life force energy (also known as Reiki.

  • Balanced energy: Outgoing, cheerful, self-respect, respect others, strong sense of personal power, skilful, intelligent, relaxed, spontaneous, expressive, take on new challenges, enjoy physical activities and good food.

  • Excessive energy: Judgmental, workaholic, perfectionist, overly intellectual, may need drugs to relax, sexually inhibited, can't show emotional warmth. 

  • Deficient energy: Depressed, lack of confidence, worry about what others think, confused, poor digestion, afraid of being alone, sexual energy-insecure, need constant reassurance, jealous, distrustful.

Illness & affected systems:

  • Endocrine system: Adrenals.

  • Psychic abilities: Astral projection, To be empowered, To manifest, To be in control of yourself, Psychic healing, Levitation.

  • Psychic Illness: Addictive personality, Catatonic schizophrenia, Compulsive behavior, Excessive anger or fear, Manic-depressive behavior, Obsessive behavior, Sleep problems, depression.

  • Physical organs : Stomach, liver, gallbladder (digestive system), adrenal glands,  the diaphragm, the breath, adrenals, skin, digestive organs,  duodenum, pancreas, liver, neural center, autonomic control center.

  • Physical Illness:  Absorption problems, Adrenal problems, Arthritis, Anorexia nervosa, Cancer, Coordination problems, Liver problems, Multiple sclerosis, Obesity, Premature aging, Stomach problems, Digestive difficulties, gas, food allergies, liver problems, diabetes, over-sexed, gall stones, muscle cramps, spasm, , difficulty breathing.

When two people are quarreling, then the light from the solar plexus chakra is turning dark, and the way that the lights from the two chakras are mixed is characterized by negativity. Different figures can be seen here, The darker the light is, the more hate is there between the two, and when it turns dark enough, it turns into black. and a blockage may arise in the solar plexus centre in one or both of them.

Gems/Minerals:      Citrine, gold topaz, amber, tiger eye, gold calcite, and gold.

To balance this chakra:   Rub your belly, visualize sunshine radiating out from your solar plexus, breathe using your diaphragm.

Sacral / Hara / Swadisthan Chakra

  • Location:            1-2 inches below navel

  • Color:                  Orange

  • Element:             Water

  • Sense:                 Taste

  • Function:            Center of sexual energy, feeling - emotion center

This chakra is about friendliness, creativity, sexuality, emotions and intuition on the gut level. It's influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed during childhood. The sexual center for women.

  • Balanced energy:  Friendly, concerned for others, sense of belonging, intuitive, clairsentient. Good sense of humor. Radiate warmth and compassion.

  • Excessive energy: Emotionally explosive, overly ambitious, manipulative, caught up in illusions, overindulgent, sexual energy see people as sex objects.

  • Deficient energy: Shy, timid, immobilized by fear, overly sensitive, self negating, burdened by guilt, sexual energy-clinging, guilty about having sex, abused, frigid or impotent.


Illness & affected systems:

  • Endocrine system: Gonads.

  • Psychic abilities: Clairsentience, Emotional feelings, Balance of male and female energies.

  • Psychic Illness & affected systems: Chameleon personality, Depression, Hysteria, Unable to be sexually intimate, repression and inhibition.

  • Physical organs: Reproductive organs, skin, kidney, mammary glands. Ovaries, testicles, prostrate, Insulin-producing glands in the pancreas and spleen.

  • Physical Illness & affected systems :Anemia, Allergies, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Duodenal ulcers, Hypoglycemia, Kidney problems, Leukemia, Lower back problems, Pancreas problems, Premenstrual syndrome, Spleen problems, Kidney weakness, constipation, muscle cramps, lack of energy, allergies, Loss of weight.

When two people make love, then the lights from their sex chakras are mixed and the light are creating figures, whose beauty also in this case depends on the love between the parties. Two people, who really love each other, create a fantastic aura around them when making love - it can be compared to a forest of fairytale trees, whose flowers and leaves create an arc above the lovers, which has so powerful vibrations, that a lot of negative karma can be burned away. In other words, just by loving another person and showing it by sexual behavior which pleases and satisfies, one can develop very much personally and in the end thereby also spiritually.


Gems/Minerals:         Carnelian, coral, amber.

To balance this chakra:        Express your creativity, dance, move your hips, laugh, have some fun.

Root / Muladhar Chakra (Kundalini Energy center)

  • Location:             At the tailbone, Base of spine

  • Color:                  Red

  • Element:             Earth

  • Sense:                 Smell

  • Function:            Survival issues, physical vitality, seat of Kundalini, creative expression, abundance issues.

    The center of physical energy and vitality, the energy to succeed in business or material possessions. Center of manifestations. Throughout the ancient world in historical and mythological stories , the root chakra has been associated with snakes .Snake being a symbol for the kundalini energy .

  • Balanced energy: Centered, grounded, healthy, fully alive, unlimited physical energy, can manifest abundance.

  • Excessive energy: Egoistic, domineering, greedy, sadistic, sexual energy entirely genital.

  • Deficient energy: Lack of confidence weak, can't achieve goals, suicidal, sexual energy, feel unlovable, little interest in sex, masochistic.

Illness & affected systems:

  • Endocrine system: Supra-renal.

  • Psychic abilities: Grounding, Realizing, Letting go, Surviving.

  • Psychic Illness: Accident prone, Being in survival, Dependent personality, Identity crisis, Weak ego structure.

  • Physical organs: Kidneys, bladder, spine, ovaries , testes, placenta, spinal column, colon, legs, bones.

  • Physical Illness: Cancer , Colon problems, Bladder problems, Female reproductive-organ problems, Fluid retention, Male reproductive problems, Sciatica problems, Urethral problems, Yeast infection, Drug addictions, anemia, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, gynecological problems, AIDS, herpes, Candida.

When the energies or vibrations from two people's chakras are mixed, the following takes place: the light from the one chakra affects the light from the other chakra, these light waves are mixed in a way, so they create different figures. The figures created by the light waves from the chakras become more beautiful, the more love there is between the parties.

Gems/Minerals Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, red jasper, black tourmaline, obsidian, smoky quartz.

To balance this chakra:   Dancing is very good for grounding. In the summer ,go barefoot. House cleaning and cooking is also grounding. Hug a tree, take care of your plants.


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