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  Reiki Initiation  

Seven Chakras
Reiki Initiation
Self Attunement
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How is one initiated / attuned to Reiki ?

A Reiki grand-master, using his powers opens your chakras so that if you invoke Reiki, the Reiki energy flow starts manifesting. After each attunement one should practice Reiki for a minimum of 21 days before one becomes a Reiki healer of that level (or in other words becomes a Reiki channel of that level). Reiki attunements have been put into four levels :

A level I attunements enables you to heal yourself or others using your hand/touch. After an initial practice of 21 days one becomes entitled for level II attunement but I feel that one should practice Reiki for a minimum of six months before going for level II. This helps in developing a feel of Reiki energy. In a level  I workshop, one is given four attunements over two days and explained the concept of Reiki. One is also explained chakras and their relevance in detail. Our body has seven major chakras as explained above and 24 minor energy centers. In a Reiki healing session one gives Reiki to all these 24 centers for a minimum of 3 minutes apart from giving more Reiki to the affected areas. Click here to get a list of points to heal for a particular disease.

A level II attunement not only enhances you healing power to more than four times but also enables you to cross time and space barrier. Here you are given some Reiki Symbols, using which you shall be able to do distant healing. Also you shall be able to heal an emotion, an incidence from past as well as future and a person at a far away place. One should practice Reiki for a year or more before going for a master attunement.

A level III attunement is called Master attunement. Here you are given the master USUI symbol and you become a Reiki channel on par with a Reiki Grand-Master but you are not entitled to do Reiki attunements to others.

A level IV attunement or Grand-Master attunement is the ultimate attunement. After this attunement one is able to do Reiki attunements.

The level I & II attunements are for general healing, distant healing etc., Whereas master & grand-master attunements are for spiritual pursuits.

        While deciding to go for the master attunement, you must realize that you have chosen to surrender your life to the Reiki energy. After this attunement your life is governed by "what is the best suited path for your life as decided by the cosmic Reiki energy (prana / brahm)" rather than what you or your parents/spouse or your society feels is the best for you. You may take up something which you have vowed never to do in your life. You may take up something which your parents or society does not  approve. But by completely surrendering to Reiki, you would realize that whatever turn your life takes is the best suited path of your life.

Self - Attunement ?

  • One may also do self-attunement provided one has been doing some form of meditation for sufficiently long period and has developed a feel of energy.

REIKI Initiation / Attunement Process

 Level I: 

  • Day One:

1.     Open Crown Chakra & Aura

2.     Draw Hon-Sha-Jhee-Sho-Nen on Crown chakra

3.     Draw She-He-Kei on left shoulder and Cho-ku-rei on right shoulder (move around the person in clock-wise direction, never cross)

4.     Get the palm of the person joined and then holding it in your  hand bring back and forth three times (clamp both the thumbs by left hand and rest of the fingers by right hand and take the persons hand towards his heart and move out; do this three times; while doing it feel that his palm chakra is getting connected to his heart chakra)

5.     Keep the hand clamped and fold the palm right and left; then fold the thumb left-right-left

6.     Place the left hand of the person on right chest. Open his right hand and draw Hon-Sha-Jhee-Sho-Nen on his palm from finger side to palm base and then tap on the palm three times (as if stabilizing the symbol on palm)

7.     Blow at Heart Chakra in “Khechari Mudra”

8.     Get the right palm placed on the left chest.

9.     Repeat the same process with the laft hand, but this time blow from “Root Chakra” to “Aagya chakra” in “Khechari Mudra”

  • Day Two:

1.     Same as day one

2.     Same as day one

3.     Draw She-He-Kei on right and Cho-Ku-Rei on left shoulder

4.     Same as day one

5.     Take left hand first this time and repeat the process till No. 9

6.     Press the top end of spine three times

7.     Close “Crown” and “Aura”


Level II:

·       Day One:

1.     Open “Crown” and “Aura”

2.     Open “Third Eye Chakra” (Aagya Chakra)

3.     Tap pituitary gland three times and feel its pulsation

  • Day Two:

1.     Tap pituitary gland three times and come to front clock-wise and meditate on “Root Chakra” and blow from “Root” to “Aagya” chakra

2.     Close “Crown” and “Aura”


Level III:

  • Day One:

1.     Open “Crown and “Aura”

2.     Draw “Dai-Koo-Myo” on Crown

3.     Draw “Dai-Koo-Myo” on top end of spine

4.     Draw “Dai-Koo-Myo” on

      • Left Shoulder
      • Both tips of nipples
      • Knees
      • Right Shoulder
  • Day Two:

1.     Repeat the same process but anit-clock-wise

2.     Blow from “Root” to “Crown” in “Khechari Mudra”

3.     Press on top end of spine and close “Crown” and “Aura”


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