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Reiki Self Attunement

There are many forms of self attunement going around now, most of them dependant on the originator of the particular method empowering an email or a web page, or in some way giving permission for another person to use their method.

Since Reiki came to the west we have all been told, and had accepted until fairly recently, that you couldn't receive Reiki in any other manner other than an attunement which had to be carried out by a Reiki Master.

We know better now. We've all heard examples of spontaneous attunements, and of times when a Reiki distant healing, or attunement was forgotten by the sender, and the recipient received it just the same!

Working with these ideas, and on the principle that the connection to Reiki appears to have more to do with the intention of the recipient, rather than anything that the Reiki Master does, we now know that people can attune themselves to Reiki and can do it as easily and as effectively and as permanently as the method of being attuned by someone else. Some even say that the self attunement method is purer as the energy is not stepped down by passing through another person first. I don't know whether this is right or wrong but it's worth thinking about.

Anyway to carry out Reiki self attunement is quite simple. All you need is the ability to meditate, 20/30 minutes or so where you can carry out the process, and the willingness to accept Reiki.

You will be using the 4 Usui symbols, the Cho-ku-rei, the Sei-hei-ki, and Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen, and the Master symbol, the Dai-ko-mio.

Ideally memorizing these would be the best method, but it would also be ok if you have them written down on paper and within your reach while carrying out your attunement. You will find all these symbols on our website, on the Plain and Simple Manuals and many other places on the net. It doesn't matter which symbols you decide to use (there are minor variations depending on who has published them) For easiness of use pick one set and use them as your own symbols.


To Start.

First cleanse the room by drawing out all 4 symbols in the air

Then draw the cho-ku-rei and the Dai-ko-mio on to the palms of your hands

Then draw the cho ku rei on all of your chakras

And finally draw one large cho-ku-rei over the front of your body

Then sit comfortably with your back straight and your hands in prayer position.

Use whatever relaxation techniques that you are comfortable with .

State your intention that you are going to carry out a Reiki Self attunement . You can ask for any guides, angels, ascended masters, spirit helpers, or indeed anyone that you are comfortable with, and that you would like to assist you in the process.

If you like you can play music, light candles, burn incense, anything that feels right to you. You may even like to have a bath or shower beforehand as a kind of cleansing ritual. (bear in mind that none of these are strictly necessary for the process to work but it can help to get you into a receptive frame of mind)

You might want to say a prayer or invocation if that feels right to you too.

When you are relaxed and ready:-

Visualize the crown chakra on the top of your head as a lotus flower (or similar) which now begins to open up, petal by petal. When you feel that it is open enough then visualize a golden white light coming down from the heavens a broad shining channel which enters your crown chakra and fills it with golden white light. This light fills your whole head .

The picture the golden white light moving down and filling your brow chakra and flooding it with light.

Then bring it down to your throat chakra flooding it with light

And so on bringing the golden white light down into all your chakras filling them all with golden white light and having the light fill up your entire body, arms, legs and feet, so that you are sitting filled entirely with golden white light.

As you breathe in and out feel the light permeating out of all the pores in your body and spreading out all around you and into infinity.

Now when you are ready it is time to bring down the symbols from the heavens above through the golden white channel of light and into your crown chakra.

First see the cho-ku-rei coming down from above and entering your crown (say cho-ku-rei three times as it enters your crown ) - then visualize the CKR moving down the inside of your head, down through all the chakras until you reach the root chakra. Visualize this as a red ball of fire with the cho-ku-rei swirling around inside it.

Next do the same thing with the Sei-he-ki saying the name three times as it enters your crown, bring it down all through your chakras and have it lodge itself in your root chakra with the CKR.

Then the same thing with the Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen

And finally the Master Symbol Dai-ko-mio.

When all four symbols are lodged in your root chakra then open your hands and place them like an opened book in front of you.

Now visualize the symbols one at a time again.

First visualize the cho-ku-rei over your palms (say the name three times) and see it disappear inside your palms.

Then do the same thing with the sei-hei-ki, seeing it disappear into your palms

Then the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen

And finally the Dai-ko-mio.

When this is completed then bring your attention to the back of your neck, just at the base of your skull

Visualize a small door there which you are going to seal permanently as a symbol of the permanency of the attunement.

This door is golden in color and you should visualize it being sealed for ever in a manner that makes sense to you. It can be a golden key locking the door and then melting to become an integral part of the door which can never be removed, or a small golden padlock being closed and disappearing into the door so that it cannot be seen., or any other sealing method that you like.

Finally visualize the cho-ku-rei drawn over the door and affirm

I now seal this Reiki attunement with divine intent for now and all time

The attunement is now finished and you have successfully attuned yourself to Reiki!


You can use this method to attune yourself to any kind of Reiki you can use any symbols i.e. Karuna or Seichem or any others that you may like - you can use any other affirmations, invocations, or prayers that you may wish to.

In effect this means that if you want to attune yourself to Karuna-ki, or Seichem, or any other types of Reiki that you have a copy of the symbols for (you'll find many symbols by using search engine and typing 'reiki+symbols" into the topic search box) all you need to do is to use the meditation - but instead of using the Usui symbols, you can substitute Tibetan, Seichem, Karuna, or any other symbols that you would like to be attuned to.

The method given is the FULL singular attunement. If you wish to self attune to Reiki level 1 place only the cho-ku-rei in your palms. For Reiki level 2 place the cho-ku-rei, the sei-hei-ki, and the hon-sha-ze-sho-nen into your palms, and for the master level follow the instructions as give with all 4 symbols being placed in the palms.

These instructions can also be put on tape to make it easier to follow the directions in meditation.

Read it over a few times first so that you get the gist of what is happening during the process don't worry if you start and then forget what you're doing halfway through! Just stop and start again no problem! You can use this self attunement meditation as often as you like.

Start doing your self healing as soon as you can after your attunement some people feel the reiki flow immediately others take a wee bit longer. The way to get it flowing strongly and recognizably is to use it and often!

Feel free to share this with anyone who is interested.

Grassroots' Reiki retains copyright of the original script but we don't mind you passing it on, printing it out, or otherwise sharing it with people, it can be put onto websites if anyone wants to do that (give us a credit please)

PLEASE! If you significantly alter the content to self attune to anything other than Reiki, or add in anything huge from other faiths, beliefs, or religions, consider that this be your own work and not ours!


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