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Shiva Upasana
Basic Astrology

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The Houses - Different houses govern different aspects of ones life. The following aspects of one's life are governed by the houses as listed below:

·       First house governs – body, color, intellect, strength/weakness of body, body structure, recognition/fame, nature, ego, brain, childhood-adolescent age, son’s foreign visits, brother’s friends, friend’s brother, coming gains to brother, brother’s daughter-in-law, maternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, friend’s father, son’s brother-in-laws, second son’s wife, brother-in-law’s sons, father-in-law’s profession.

·       Second house governs – wealth, property, gold, silver, gems, purchase/selling, bank balance, ancestral property, debts/borrowings, hobbies, mouth, tongue (vocal capability), face, right eye, throat, eyes, death, extravagancy/spendthrift, share, insurance, securities, predictive astrology, attachment/detachment with world.

·       Third house governs – siblings, courage, younger & elder brothers (dead/alive), pleasures due to brothers, patience, endurance, cunningness, signature, forearm, shoulders, ears, wife’s luck, father’s aunt (chachi), brother-in-law’s wife, daughter-in-law’s brothers, step mother, adopted son or chances of adoption.

·       Fourth house governs – happiness, mother, ancestral property, property, house, vehicle, gardens, servants, heart, old age condition, breast, stomach, bed, brother’s property, son’s spending, son’s foreign visits, gifts from others, friends, own village, death place, long journey, spirit problem, husband’s occupation, court cases between spouse.

·       Fifth house governs –intellect, education, issues, depression/grief, occult, lottery/betting, reciting mantras, luxuries, windfalls, first child, condition of fetus, company, second brother, father’s death, lunacy, sexuality, illicit affairs, wife’s gains, stomach diseases.

·       Sixth house governs –enemies, diseases, loss, dejection, grief, anxiety, addiction, hurt due to explosive, suspicion, fame/defame, intestine, stomach, spouse’s hidden enemies, change, obstacles in work, spirit problem, wife’s uncle (chacha).

·       Seventh house governs –spouse, marriage, wife’s character, pleasure from woman, woman’s body shape, sex, foreplay, illicit relations, woman, widowhood, nephew, win/defeat in court case, business, partnership, progress, anus, urinary organs, urine & naval, side business, money earned from abroad.

·       Eighth house governs –age, death, disease, cause of disease, death place, next-life, previous-life, laziness, lending, drowning, reproductive organs.

·       Ninth house governs –luck, prosperity, elegance, religiousness, donation, mercy, purity of mind, long and distant stay, voyage, father, third son, upper leg.

·       Tenth house governs –profession / work/ occupation, father, promotion, post, abroad visits.

·       Eleventh house governs –earnings, gains, left ear, elder siblings, younger brother’s son, upper legs, left hand and ankles.

·       Twelfth house governs –expenditure, heaven/hell, illicit child, worries, hidden enemies, imprisonment, nirvana, roaming, foreign travel, eyes, left ear, legs.


 Similarly, different relations are also governed by different houses:

and the diseases:

Every house has controlling planets:

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