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Welcome to my homepage. You may find a lot of introductory notes on various forms of meditation e.g. Reiki, Vipassana and Siddh-Mahayoga.  You will also find basics of Vedic astrology on this site:

  • Reiki (My viewpoint, as well as general information)

  • Vipassana (As I learnt it !) : The best (and toughest) meditation I have learnt.

  • Meditation (Information compiled from various sources)

  • A huge list of inspirational stories (on My Favorites page)

  • Astrology (Basic learning material)

Latest Updates:

  • Reiki Page

  • Astrology Page

  • Map of Indore Development Plan 2021

  • Indore Master Plan 2021

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  • A few Lines to ponder !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself.

    If you listened to the part of you which is pure spirit, all of your decisions would be easy, and all the outcomes joyous. That is because ..... the choices of spirit are always the higher choices. They don't need to be second guessed, analyzed or evaluated. They simply need to be followed, acted on.

    There is no "constant truth" at all; that truth, like life itself, is a changing thing, a growing thing, an evolving thing.

    Truth is often uncomfortable. It is only comfortable to those who do not wish to ignore it. Then, truth becomes not only comforting, but inspiring.

    You call others values "wrong". But who is to say your values are "right"? Only you. Your values are "right" because you say so. Even this might make some sense if you kept your word about it, but you, yourself, change your mind constantly about what you consider "right" or "wrong". you do this as individual, and you do this as societies.  The problem is not that you have changed, or that your values have changed. The problem is that so many of you insist on thinking that the values you now have are the right and perfect ones, and that everyone else should adhere to them. Some of you have become "self-justified" and "self-righteous".

    Stick to your beliefs, if that serves you. Hold tight. Do not waiver. For your ideas about "right" and "wrong" are your definitions of 'Who You Are'. Yet do not require that others define themselves according to your terms. And do not stay so "stuck" in your present beliefs and customs that you halt the process of evolution itself. Be OPEN. Don't close off the possibility of new truth because you have been comfortable with an old one. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

    Nothing stays the same, nor can anything remain unchanged. to be unchanged is to not move. And to not move is to die. All of life is motion, remaining the same, or seeking to, move against the laws of life is foolish, because in this struggle life always wins. So change! Change your ideas of "right" and "wrong". Changes your notions of this and that. Change your structures, your constructions, your models, your theories. Be OPEN. Don't close off the possibility of new truth because you have been comfortable with an old one. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

    When you are surrounded by lower consciousness, you will benefit more from remaining with your individual understandings, and when you are surrounded by higher consciousness, you receive greater benefit from surrender.

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    Do you feel that Reiki, Healing, Astrology or Spirituality is crap ? (either or all !)

    Even I felt in a similar way till a few years back. Then I met an elderly spiritual person who questioned my credential as a true scientist. He was perturbed by my apprehension to these things, and he put a few simple questions to me:

    1. Do I judge things on hearsay ?
    2. Do I decide about things because I have heard nasty things about them ?
    3. Wouldn't it be advisable to try to understand and practice something before denouncing it altogether ?
    4. Don't I put a lot of hypothesis while explaining a number of concepts in Science? Then based on those very hypothesis, perform some analysis/experiment, and if the results prove my hypothesis right, it becomes a scientific concept.

    The only difference between modern science and these concepts, according to him, was that anybody is able to reproduce the scientific results, whereas any spiritual experience (although may be reproduced to some extent) can not be reproduced because here the experiment is not performed using exactly similar apparatus, rather the apparatus (we human beings!) are different in every experiment, so how can we reproduce the results exactly.

    The only hypothesis he made was "have faith" and, he asked me to try it out and, drop it the moment I realize that it is based on false premise or it is crap !
    .... and here I am practicing Reiki & Meditation for so many years .....
    .... so, at least I have not found the premise false or the concepts crap! ...(may be I have limited faculties ...!)

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