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Making a Crystal Grid


Continuous Healing.

A crystal grid can be created and charged with Reiki or other healing energy, which will then continue to send energy to heal, protect or manifest a goal for 24 hours or longer after is charged. In addition the Crystal grid can be used by your guides and higher-self, as a bridge to transmit healing and help you and your clients.

To Create your Crystal grid you will need eight clear quartz crystals. Choose them with care and sensitivity for their intended purpose, allowing your intuition to guide you to them. Your crystals should be cleansed before use, by placing them in rock or sea salt water for 24 hours. You can also cleanse them with water and reiki, hold the crystal with your finger tips of both hands let the tap water flow over the crystal and imagine the white light of reiki cleansing it and removing negative energy. Say a prayer over them after they are in the water, asking that they be purified for your highest spiritual purpose. You may also attune them to the creative energies of the earth, sun and moon by placing them part way in the earth with the tip pointing up during the three days of the full moon. Do this in a place where the light of the sun and moon will shine on them. Say a prayer at this time asking that the creative forces of the earth, sun and moon will assist you in your highest spiritual purpose.

Next you must prepare a place for your Crystal grid. It should be in a place that only you have access to, or at least a place that is in your space. It could be an altar or a sacred place in your home on a desk top or shelf.

From the eight crystals select the one that seems the strongest and is the most Yang or contains the most male energy. This will be your master charging crystal. Then place six of the crystals at equal points around a circle about 12" in diameter pointing inward. This will create a hexagon or six sided figure. Place the last crystal in the centre pointing to one of the others. For your central crystal, you may also choose to use a double-terminated crystal, a cluster, a pyramid or crystal ball. Play with the arrangement until it feels right...

Take a picture of yourself and sign your name on the back. Also draw your Reiki symbols on the back along with their names. (Or symbols from your own healing system.) Include an empowering affirmation such as: " I am perfectly protected and healed now on every level of my being, so that my greatest spiritual purpose is completely fulfilled." Or "I allow the love and wisdom of my highest spiritual guides to protect, heal and empower me to fulfill my true spiritual purpose." Or Higher-Self, guide me and heal me so that I might be of greater service to others". Or "I allow myself to heal so that my healing energies become stronger and stronger." Use any of these or any combination, or use your own creative intuition to make up your own...

After your crystals have been purified, you know how you will arrange them and your picture is prepared, your next step is to charge your crystals individually and channel healing energy into each one for at least ten minutes. As you do this, say a prayer asking that your highest spiritual guides attune to the crystal so as to assist you in your work and in the high spiritual purpose of the Crystal grid. Also ask your highest guides as well as the angels and archangels to work with you in charging the grid. You can also do a Reiki attunement on each crystal if you have taken Reiki III to give them an even greater charge of higher frequency energy..

As you charge each crystal, place it in it's proper position in the grid. After the crystals are in position, do not move them as this will weaken their energy connection. Then charge your master crystal in the same way..

The master crystal is to be used to keep your Crystal grid charged. Charge it with energy in the same way as the others. Then while holding it in your right hand begin drawing out pie sections above the grid imagining energy coming from the master crystal and charging the grid. Start with the central crystal and move out to an outer crystal then across moving counter-clockwise to the next outer crystal and back to the centre, then back out to the same outer crystal you went in from and so on. Making pie shaped movements and moving around the grid in a counter-clockwise direction. As you do this, repeat an affirmation/mantra of power, such as: "I empower this grid with light, with light, with light, to heal, to heal, to heal. I empower this grid with love, with love, with love and wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, to heal, to heal, to heal. I call on my highest spiritual guides now to attune this grid of light, light, light, to heal, to heal, to heal, with love, with love, with love." Again feel free to use your creative intuition to create empowering affirmation/mantras that feel right for you. .

Meditate with your master crystal grid each day and use it to charge your Crystal grid each day. If you miss a day or two do not worry, however for your Crystal grid to remain activated, you must work with it regularly. For greater strength and effectiveness, do your meditation while holding your master crystal, and end the meditation by projecting your healing symbols or energy into your master crystal, then use it to charge your Crystal grid.

lf you have a person you would like to send healing to, or a project or goal you would like to empower with healing energy, write it out on a piece of paper and draw out your symbols. Then heal it between your hands and place it within your grid. Your grid will continuously send loving energy to heal the person or manifest the goal.