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Gyanganj, a home for immortals, is said to be hidden in a valley in the remote Himalayas.

In Tibet, this legendary land of Spiritual Enlightenment is known as Shambala, a Sanskrit word which means "the source of happiness". It is NOT heaven on earth but said to be a mystical kingdom that guards the most sacred and secret spiritual teachings of the world, including the Kalachakra (Wheel of Time), the pinnacle of Buddhist wisdom.

Various Buddhist texts give instructions for finding Shambala, though directions are obscure. It is assumed that only accomplished yogis will find it. The kingdom is hidden in the mists of the snow mountains and can be reached only by Flying over them with the help of Siddhis or spiritual powers. James Hilton's novel, Lost Horizon, about the lost kingdom of Shangri-La, was inspired by the legend of Shambala.

For a comprehensive account of Gyanganj, refer to the writings of Gopinath Kaviraj (d. 1976). A renown Sanskrit scholar, Kaviraj wrote a book titled Siddhabhoomi Gyanganj, which has been translated from Bengali into Hindi, published by Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan.

Kaviraj's main source of information was his own guru, Swami Vishudhananda, a contemporary of fellow Benares siddhi master Trailanga Swami. Vishudhananda is believed to have sojourned many times to Gyanganj where he mastered Surya Vigyan,  as well as Vayu Gaman, . Surya Vigyan gave him powers to manifest objects or transform one object into another by manipulating the sun's rays. In his autobiography, the venerated Indian saint Yogananda describes HIS meeting with Gopinath's guru Vishudhananda in Calcutta, and witnessing first hand Vishudhananda's feat of creating any perfume on demand out of thin air. Paul Brunton in his book A Search in Secret India wrote that he not only witnessed Vishudhananda create perfumes, but also bring a dead bird back to life.

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GYANGANJ information researched and adapted from an article by Parveen Chopra, Life Positive Magazine